Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Some nice things on Christ's celebrated Birthday with Family & Friends

Christmas Eve meal
We are two lucky Kids

Prayer time or just studying a present

new transportation

I'll scratch your back, oh, uhm HEAD please scratch mine

Boy's and their cars

Watching over Wakefield on Christmas Day

All Brought to You By the old man

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Track & Field "E" Girl's next challenge

Day of the big meet.
"O" Boy is in a hurry so as not to miss anything.
Didn't know you'd all be watching.
Gotta stretch it out
Watchful eye of the coach.  Think not.
More stretching
Ready for the warm-up run.
Mo' warm-up running.  Let's get on down to the main attractions.
Good follow-through.
Wanna see it from the start.
Place the shot carefully under the chin.
Put it forward with a big push.
Greatful fans love the show.
Mak'n it around the curve.
Put it in high gear.
And sprint it home for the crowd and self.
Lov'n it, just, Lov'n it!

Middleton High School pre-season Football

The season is upon us and it makes us all smile.

Where is the ball?

I see it.  I want it!

Keep your eye on the ball and follow it into your hands and don't, don't let it hit the ground.

Now  you have the idea.

Tuck it away and with some fancy foot work make it count.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Boyett's Wisconsin Garden

Good Gardens produce more than just good food!
 Leela plants
Andersons and Old Man tend
and all get more than just a good taste in their mouth.
We produce and cooperate.

Wakefield/Westerley VaCa summer '12

Fun at Daughter with the Gand Babies
 A sip pleeaase
 Look what I built
 Lela and book time
 Great place to hid...and play
 Look what I have
 Break between Westerley visit means work at home transforming a vegtable garden
into a meditation fantacy land
 Old Man and the Sherily Tem...I mean Eva
 Smore making
 Molly manner's Lela
 or not
this is really, really fun.  Let's do it all over again.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Continuing the Citizens Academy - see blog #1 this is the second in sequence of this event

Yes, this section should be after the, what can I say

The suits actually keeps us warm.  too warm, I had to let cool water in
We each had a stint at the wheel and snagging something from the drenk
Portable pool just won't stay in sequence
Even father and son agree; this is the best!
Pulling out
and taking a heading
Again, making sure we got it right before we go in to the fire.  com'un up later
Always a smile and a helping hand
 More nautical discussion

Said we all got a chance to drive.  They even let me give it a spin.

Yes they let us go into a 700-1000+ degree burn 

And they let us come out

Taking a beak is equally important for everyones safety

Let me tell you how big it really was.

Time to take of the heavy gear and start the debriefing

Party, a real nice treat for us all

Discussing & eating, eating & discussing.  Believe it or not the party was crashed by a fire call!

A big thanks to everyone that made this such a special experience.  I will treasure the memories and try to live the knowledge and skills